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Changing ASOS Onshore Development

Anyone that knows online commerce will know the name ASOS. Over 800 brands and growing and shipping to over 200 countries with over 3,500 employees and 1200 in customer care.

ROKi were lucky to be engaged to provide some much-needed Project Management experience to help drive forward and progress a strategic reporting project that allowed the management to better monitor and deliver on its customer care promises.

The main drivers for the project were to provide a balanced scorecard which took data from various sources but ultimately provided granularity around call pick up times, response times, drop off numbers and a host of data that gave insight into performance across a department that had over 1200 customer services analysts who work across social, chatter and inbound chat channels.

ROKi worked closely with the business and technology stakeholders to really refine the scope of the project and to undertake a large planning exercise to give the business a view of what was achievable and most importantly when it was achievable. 

A multi phased plan which focussed on delivering incremental value through a series of releases that would enhance and develop a dashboard that gave line managers the control and flexibility to report on staff performance across a number of key define metrics.  The single goal was to drive better customer experience.

A huge project driven push customer trust and experience to new levels and sustain excellence in all they do.  There is an ongoing drive and determination with Customer Care to push harder and invest in the right strategy and deliver core technologies to realise this ambition.

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