Transforming The Guardian News & Media Onshore Development

This was significant as a programme as it touched so many parts of the commercial business. We needed to provide solutions that really worked for the business. For many years their strategy and capability and indeed customer offering had been dictated to them by suppliers with legacy systems that were so inflexible and provided such little scope for growth that the business was suffering.

Bobby Saunders

We’re delighted to be able to report back on a real success story in our Change & Transformation history, with the announcement in November that The Guardian has broken ground on the membership and reader donation programme which was in part designed to make one of the great British brands sustainable for years to come.

‘Touchpoint’ was a programme which our CTO Jonathan Westlake, CEO Bobby Saunders and consultant Jason Burr all played a key role in delivering the technology platform underpinned business strategy to attract, acquire, and service the existing and new subscriber base and to migrate the existing customer base and improve overall service.

This Change & Transformation programme was specifically designed to support initiatives to drive revenue. The business needed to launch The Guardian Membership and Reader Donations and at the same time deal with issues at a technology level that inhibited growth and ultimately the programme needed to reinvigorate the internal technical and business capabilities.

With Bobby engaged as a Programme Manager he was tasked with running all aspects of technical delivery.  Armed with Jonathan (Lead Architect) and Jason (Project Manager) they undertook a programme of work that would deliver a membership platform which included a bespoke Salesforce implementation, an enterprise membership platform (Guardian Membership, digital and print subscriptions), The Guardian Travel Site and The Guardian Shop – a Magneto platform which allowed The Guardian to cross sell Books, Gardening and merchandise.

ROKi worked closely with the business and technology stakeholders to really refine the scope of the project and to undertake a large planning exercise to give the business a view of what was achievable and most importantly when it was achievable. 

A multi phased plan which focussed on delivering incremental value through a series of releases that would enhance and develop a dashboard that gave line managers the control and flexibility to report on staff performance across a number of key define metrics.  The single goal was to drive better customer experience.

A huge project driven push customer trust and experience to new levels and sustain excellence in all they do.  There is an ongoing drive and determination with Customer Care to push harder and invest in the right strategy and deliver core technologies to realise this ambition.

Transforming The Guardian News & Media Onshore Development


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